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Pakistan Flood Relief

Allegheny Rotaract, along with SASS, will be hosting an upcoming donation event where all proceeds will be donated to UNICEF's Pakistan Flood Relief, which is being used to provide shelter, food, clothing, drinking water, and healthcare to those effected by the floods.

Historical Flooding in Pakistan

Intense monsoon rains combined with melting glaciers triggered the most severe flooding in Pakistan’s recent history, washing away villages and leaving around 33 million people in need of assistance. As floodwaters slowly recede, the sheer scale of the damage is being revealed. Hundreds of thousands of homes have been damaged or destroyed, as well as many public health facilities, water systems and schools. People have been forced to live out in the open, with no drinking water or food, and are being exposed to a wide range of hazards, including increased risk of waterborne diseases, drowning and malnutrition. Relief agencies speculate that it will take over six months for waters to fully recede but those displaced by the floods need assistance NOW.


UNICEF is on the ground providing drinking water, food, clothing, shelter, and medical aid to those in need. UNICEF is a humanitarian aid organization created and sponsored by the United Nations to help children in countries of need. Since 1948, UNICEF has been advocating for the rights of children in Pakistan, including their right to education, healthcare and protection from abuse and exploitation. While their primary purpose is children, when natural disasters hit, they are one of the first on the ground. UNICEF has been working with Pakistan to provide aid throughout Covid and now these deadly floods. They know the country, they know the people. They are the teachers, doctors, and volunteers that have been their for decades. But right now, they are overwhelmed. 

“We don’t have enough food, we don’t have shelter, and still even the kind of healthcare that is required is not available,” said Gerida Birukila, UNICEF Pakistan Chief of Field Office in Balochistan.

Allegheny Rotaract is partnering with SASS to create awareness of this devasting natural disaster that is largely being ignored within American media. We will be hosting an event that will include music, food, presentations, games, t-shirts, and raffles. Proceeds from t-shirts and raffles will be donated to UNICEF. 

Interested in Volunteering?

We are open to volunteers who are passionate about helping us during this project! If you're interested, fill out the form listed to the side, or if you just want general information, please email us. 

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