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Scare Away Hunger

Allegheny Rotaract will be hosting an education drive on October 16th to raise awareness about local food insecurity and the resources that are available within the community.  

Local Food Insecurity 

The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) defines food insecurity as not having sufficient reliable access to affordable and nutritious food. In 2020 alone, about 1 in 8 Americans (roughly 38 million) were considered food insecure. Food insecurity differs from hunger in that it specifically refers to a lack of available financial resources for families and households.


The food insecurity rate for Crawford County is 16.1% of the total population. This equals about 1,700 individuals. Additionally, the food insecurity rate for people under 18 is 20.3%, or 490 children. 6% of Crawford County residents lack the basic appliances to be able to cook nutritional food. Lastly, Crawford is on the list of the worst counties in Pennsylvania in terms of food insecurity.


Our small town of Meadville, which is the county seat of Crawford County,  is also a food desert. 22.9% of households face food insecurity and qualify for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Programs. About 60.9% of students qualify for free or reduced school lunches, meaning that their family’s income is 130% below the poverty line. There is also minimal knowledge on how to obtain sustainable products. 

With food insecurity rates being at the worst ranking for Crawford County residents,  many residents frequently result in drug trafficking in order to provide themselves with the financial resources to gain basic necessities. Furthermore, it causes stress on many residents that makes them pursue more in both using or distributing drug substances within the area of Crawford County.

The Meadville Area Collaborative (MAC) is a known partnership between Meadville Medical Center, Allegheny College, Crawford Central School District and the City of Meadville in which aims to help sustain a healthy environment in terms of food insecurity for the community as a whole. The group's main focus is to research the nature and extent of hunger in the Meadville area in order to further understand the problematic issue with food insecurity. Subsequently, the group also plans to document hunger related issues in the community to point out any duplicative or overlapping situations concerning the problem. With food insecurity being a very problematic issue in Meadville, it can cause many people to partake in the drug trade in order to try and make ends meet. If you or someone you know are affected by these issues, reach out to The Meadville Area Collaborative (MAC) for assistance.

Need Help?

Allegheny has complied a list of local and state level aid programs that are available for students who suffer from food insecurity. 

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