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Rotaract is slightly different than other clubs because people become members through invitation. Please don't let this scare you. If you're interested in joining, reach out to us. After getting to know you a bit, you'll be invited to an interview. We use this process to ensure that members are passionate about volunteering and are willing to put in the required hours. To learn more about the interview process, click below.


Every semester, our Rotaract plans at least one community project and one international project that aims to better the communities we are working with. Members are not required to participate in every project and have the ability to choose their project based on their interests or schedules

If you're interested in learning about our current or past projects, please click below.


The Rotaract has a number of meetings and events every month. Unless the event is labeled as a board or closed member meeti of these events are open to Non-Members and are a great way to introduce yourself to the group if you're interested in joining. 



In Rotaract, we view local, national, and global communities as our homes. We believe each community is equally worth investing in to make them better, safer, and stronger.


Our Rotaract members also recognize that success is not a matter of individual leadership; it takes teamwork. Goals cannot be divisive; they must be for a shared good. Membership can never be exclusive; it must aim for inclusive excellence.


We are not looking for resume builders. The members we are looking for are agents committed to listening and learning, as much as they are to doing the hard work needed to create sustainable long-term social change.  If this is the kind of change maker you are, come discover Rotaract for yourself. 


Stories From Around the World

Elyse Lin, Rotaract Club of Taipei Tin Harbour, Taiwan

“Rotaract’s global network amazes me. When I attended my first international convention in Sydney in 2014, I was blown away by meeting friends in Rotaract from all over the world. We all spoke the same language of service and fellowship. Ever since, I can’t help joining international events for the chance to meet new friends, exchange ideas, and discuss possibilities of doing good together."
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